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Simplify your document management with AI

Take your contract review to the next level with NLP techniques.

R&D project financed by CDTI through the Neotec 2021 program

Take the digitization of your company to another level

Bounsel's dynamic forms
Organize your documents, avoid writing errors, duplicate versions or unnecessary emails with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.Create efficient processes to save time in your daily document management. At Bounsel we have built a new product specially designed to help you improve the digitization of your company.

We put the power of data in your hands

Big data infrastructure in the cloud

Big data infrastructure

We employ a massive and scalable cloud storage system to take maximum profit of valuable contract insights.
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

We apply Machine Learning and Deep Learning models to make contracts more human-like and bring them closer to you.

The best thing about applying NLP to contracts?

Extraction and analysis of important data
Easily extract Key Data from your documents and unlock new business opportunities.
Anomaly detection and trends on Bounsel
Automatically classify your contracts, easily retrieve your information and speed up your contract management.
Anomaly detection and trends on Bounsel
Detect anomalies and trends, and apply recommendations to improve the quality of your documents.
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