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Do you get pissed off doing repetitive tasks that don't add value?

Your daily management consists of sending emails requesting information and copy-pasting to complete the documents, right? Bounsel Flow allows your customers, suppliers or employees to create the documents for you by simply answering questions as if it were a conversation. Brutal.
Biometric patterning system on Bounsel

Do you make many mistakes drafting contracts?

How many times have you realized too late that there was a typo in the contract!
Bounsel Flow helps you create perfect documents by automating the entire process and eliminating human errors.
Biometric patterning system on Bounsel

Do you waste a lot of time completing documents?

Have you considered how many hours you spend requesting data and putting it into the document?
Bounsel Flow allows you to spend your time in what really matters, having all your documents under control in one place.

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What do they say about our contract automation software?

Why Bounsel Flow?

With conversational forms, or as we call it, with a flow, we offer you an incredible digital experience to create your documents automatically in a fast and fun way.
We help you be more productive when working with documents.
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Create a flow is simple

Create documents rapidly with a flow in a much more visual and dynamic way.
Fast sharing with Bounsel Flow

You share it with one click

Send the flow to whoever you want by sharing a link and they will easily respond to the questions in a super fluid way.
Magic digital experience with Bounsel Flow

And you receive the doc

Offer an amazing digital experience to your collaborators and get the document completed as if by magic.

How does contract management software work?

Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform

1. Create a flow

Upload a template in Microsoft Word, Google Docs fillable PDF and we will autodetect the fields you want to complete. Tag it and create a flow in just a few minutes by simply making a question for each variable. Super easy.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform

2. Share it

Generate a public or private link and share your flow with whoever you want. They will answer the questions naturally as if it were a conversation.
Real-time editing on the Bounsel's platform

3. Get the doc

Get the document completed with all the fields filled in and find it updated in your workspace. You can always download it in docx and PDF format.
Real-time editing on the Bounsel's platform

Any questions? We are all ears

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Contract automation can be fun

Find out how Bounsel Flow can help you get documents completed like magic.

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