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Create, draft, collaborate, review, get approvals, sign digitally and manage contracts in one place.

The Bounsel's contract repository

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Collaborate and create

Work online and manage contracts easily from our all-in-one platform.
Edit your documents in real-time with the team, make comments and don't miss anything.


Your docs in the blink of an eye

Create all types of documents 30x faster with our powerful document automation platform and avoid human errors.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform
Upload a Word doc, start from scratch, or fill in the dynamic form, and generate your contract automatically on Bounsel.
Add variables to your documents and easily control your key data.
Create 3
Create smart templates in seconds, stop copy-pasting, get rid of manual tasks and save time.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform


Better together in real-time

Digitize your legal processes with our technology and foster teamwork.
Real-time editing on the Bounsel's platform
Share your contracts online with your team and invite people to your workspace.
Collaborate 2
Set roles and give access to internal and external users of your company.
Collaborate 3_1
Edit in real-time and follow-up comments and tasks easily in our collaborative platform.
Real-time editing on the Bounsel's platform


Don’t miss anything!

Take control of your contracts anytime, anywhere, and keep calm.
Real-time editing on the Bounsel's platform
Stop emailing documents back and forth, track changes, and compare versions easily.
Review 2
Save all your important notes in your private zone to get things done.
Speed-up approvals online and close your contracts 30x faster.
Real-time editing on the Bounsel's platform


Your contracts come to life

Track your documents in the cloud and use your time wisely.
Activity feed on the Bounsel's platform
Follow-up 1
Find out every action and event made on your docs in the activity feed. Don't miss a single detail!
Follow-up 2
Check on the contract status in your repository to always stay up to date!
Follow-up 3
Oversee tags, approvals, signatures and key data at a glance.
Activity feed on the Bounsel's platform



Sign your documents safely in seconds and for free. Do it from your phone, tablet, or pc.
Bounsel's advanced e-signature
Sign 1
Send unlimited signature requests with a unique and secure link that guarantees sender and recipient identities.
Sign with confidence thanks to our biometric fingerprint and reliable electronic time stamp linked to UTC time.
Close your contracts easily with our legally valid electronic signature.
Bounsel's advanced e-signature


Get straight to the point

Automate your contract workflow and manage documents with no stress.
Contract management on the Bounsel's platform
Store your contracts in the cloud and access your repository anytime, anywhere.
Tag and organize your docs to find what you need quickly.
Add reminders to your calendar, get notifications and never forget the important dates of your contracts.
Contract management on the Bounsel's platform


Key data to boost your productivity

Discover all the insights of your contract process and optimize your team's performance.
Contract analytics on the Bounsel's platform
Analyze 1
Obtain KPIs on the progress of your docs from the timeline.
Analyze 2_1
In the chart, look over the actions made on the document, from its creation to its signature.
Analyze 3
Find out about your team's activity to reach even better coordination.
Contract analytics on the Bounsel's platform

Your safety matters

Protect your documents with our clean, secure and scalable infrastructure in the cloud. Manage your contracts in Bounsel with no fear!
Bounsel's cybersecurity


  • We do conducts annual penetration testing and quarterly vulnerability testing. We can detect all risks at any time!
  • The Bounsel platform complies with EU data protection regulations (GDPR).
Infrastructure on the Bounsel's platform


  • The servers have passed strict standards and certifications, such as SOC 1/2/3 and FedRAMP, among others.
  • We store all information in Google Cloud Servers in the EU and consistently make back-up copies.
Monitoring on the Bounsel's platform


  • All resources and infrastructure are monitored 24/7, 365 days of the year!
Encryption on the Bounsel's platform


  • We use TLS 1.2 or higher and at rest through AES-256.
The multinational S2 Grupo, specialized in security, recently verified the safety of the Bounsel platform. It has been valued positively.

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