Superpowers for your contracts

Do everything you need with Bounsel.
Create, draft, collaborate, review, get approvals, sign digitally and manage contracts in one place.

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Collaborate and

Work remotely and manage contracts easily from our all-in-one platform.
Edit your documents in real-time with the team, get comments and don't miss anything.

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Your docs in the blink of an eye

Create all type of documents 30x faster with our powerful document automation platform and avoid human errors.

  • Upload your own contract or start from scratch.

  • Add variables to your documents and easily control your key data.

  • Create smart templates in seconds, stop copy-pasting, get rid of manual tasks and save time.

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Better together in real-time

Boost your productivity with our state-of-the-art technology and foster teamwork.

  • Share your contracts with your team and invite people to your workspace.

  • Set the roles that fit your policy and give the access you want to internal and external users.

  • Edit in real-time and follow-up comments and tasks easily in our collaborative platform.

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Don’t miss anything!

Take control of your contracts anytime, anywhere and keep calm.

  • Stop emailing documents back and forth, track changes and compare versions easily.

  • Have all your important notes in your private zone to get things done.

  • Speed-up approvals online and close your contracts 30x faster.

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Advanced e-signature

Sign your documents safely in seconds and for free. Do it from your phone, tablet or pc.

  • Send unlimited signature requests with a unique and secure link that guarantees sender and recipient identities.

  • Sign with confidence thanks to our biometric fingerprint and reliable electronic time stamp linked to UTC time.

  • Close your contracts with our legally valid electronic signature.

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Get straight to the point

Automate your contract workflow and manage contracts with no stress.

  • Store your contracts in the cloud and access your repository anytime, anywhere.

  • Tag and organize your docs to find what you need quickly.

  • Add reminders to your calendar, get notifications and never forget the important dates again.

Automate your contracts now!

Discover what Bounsel can do for your documents.

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