Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform

Advanced e-signature

Quick, easy, legal and safe

Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform

Advanced signature with biometrics

We want to give you safety when signing any document, that's why we offer you an advanced electronic signature with biometrics.

It's very easy to use. You just have to trace with your finger as you would do with pen on paper. Not only does this serve as valid legal evidence in judicial proceedings, it also allows us to uniquely identify the signatory.
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You deserve to sign online with confidence and safety:

Biometric patterning system on Bounsel
It uniquely links the signatory. With a biometric patterning system, the pressure used by the user on the trace is measured so that the signature is unique to each signatory.
Signatory identification on Bounsel platform
It allows the identification of the signatory. The signature is associated with data that identifies the signatory with their name, last name and email.
Exclusive control over the signature
The signatory has control over the signature created. The signatory is the only person who has exclusive control over the signature.
Detectable modifications of the signature
Any modification of the signature is detectable. It's not possible to modify the data after signing without being detected.
Electronic time stamp in UTC format
An electronic time stamp is obtained. Our advanced e-signature is created with an electronic time stamp that links the signature data with the specific date and time in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format.
Bounsel is a Trusted Electronic Service Provider at the European level, complying with Regulation EU 910/2014 and Spanish Law 6/2020, regulating certain aspects of trusted electronic services.

How does the Bounsel signature work?

1. Add the parties and signatories involved in the contract.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform
2. Create the signing section in your document.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform
3. Email the signature request directly from the Bounsel platform and the signatory will be notified and get access to the document.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform
4. The signatory opens the document and signs where appropriate.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform
5. The signed document can't be modified and an electronic time stamp with date and hour will be generated.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform
6. You can download the signed document from the Bounsel platform and with the Audit Trail. The signatory will also receive both documents via email.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform

Audit Trail by Bounsel

We give you a valid legal proof of the handling of the transmitted data. When the signing process is over, we generate a certificate (Audit Trail) that strengthens the integrity of the signed document.
Audit trail identification assurance
It ensures the identification of the sender and recipient by including their data before sending the document.
Audit trail data protection
It protects the sending and receiving of the data with our advanced e-signature.
Audit trail link with electronic time stamp
It's linked with an electronic time stamp, the date and time of sending, receiving and eventual modification of the data.
Audit trail download
You can download the Audit Trail of the signed document.
Audit trail as a evidence in legal proceedings
It can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

What does the Audit Trail entail?

1. The data of the parties involved in the signing process and the identification of the signed document.
2. Correlation between the signed document and the Audit Trail (electronic Hash) and the ID of the e-signature process.
3. Electronic time stamp of the moment when the signature was generated.
Audit trail content
4. Graphic representation of the biometric signature trace.
5. Table with the different events registered during the signature and certification process.
Bounsel e-signature e-book mockup

Sign with confidence

Download the e-book about the advanced e-signature for free and learn more about its benefits.