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Enhance your performance with crucial insights

Extract KPIs from your contracts and increase your team’s productivity.

This is why you need advanced analytics

To make smarter decisions

Use your documents data to define the actions of your strategy.

To boost your team’s efficiency

Assign tasks and better manage the working time of your team members.

To control the progress of the agreements

Instantly monitor the development of your contract management processes.

Follow the timeline

Don’t lose any detail of the entire document management process. Measure KPIs and check on every status which your contract has gone through. You will be able to know how long each phase has lasted and who intervened in each one of them.

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Check the document activity

Your contracts record numerous actions and events. Discover the peaks of higher productivity, the stages of your contract workflow where more work is concentrated.

Document activity

Coordinate with your team

Take advantage of the data to understand the activity of your colleagues. Ensure the correct distribution of tasks and encourage cooperation to obtain the best results.

Team activity

Squeeze your contract data

Increase your productivity with the metrics extracted from your documents.

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Bounsel S.L has been selected as a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, which aims to improve the use and quality of information, as well as communications technologies and access to them. Thanks to this, Bounsel has launched a SEM project to boost its web positioning and online promotion to improve competitiveness and productivity of the company. To this end, it has the support of the TICCámaras 2021 Program of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.

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