Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform

Everything you need. Anywhere, anytime

Ensure for your contracts to be fully compliant and with all the info you need.

Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform

Your docs safely stored

Save all your documents and smart templates in your repository automatically and access them every time you need to, no matter where and when.
Document repository on Bounsel platform
No more losing documents in the clutter of emails and paperwork! You can also go to the repository to check on all significant changes within the documents, review their status and who’s working on them. You can choose to show your documents by alphabetical order, date of last edit or status.

All in good order

With the use of tags, finding documents has never been easier. You can add tags to your contracts when you create or edit them. By doing so, it is possible to classify and identify similar documents under one or more labels. Choose a color for each one to easily recognize the subject of your contracts.
Signing a document on a tablet

Everything under control

Set up reminders to always keep track of any important date.
We want to make sure that you never forget a thing about your documents or when to sign them. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:
Add the date.
Add other members (if necessary).
You're good to go! You will receive an alert by email about the event.
Contract automation on the Bounsel's platform

Start managing your contracts now!

Your team won’t forget a task or due date ever again.