Quality work in record time

The software to manage your contracts online and interact with your clients. Easy and safe. The best digital experience for your SMB.


Store your contracts in the cloud repository, classify them with tags and track all changes whenever you want. Never lose another document!
Contract repository on the Bounsel's platform


Tidy documents, reminders of deadlines and due dates, live tracking of the contract status and, above all, time to spend on the tasks that really matter.
Calendar and contract reminders on the Bounsel platform


The best service for your customers. Offer a 100% digital experience in real time with automatic notifications. Collaborate and succeed!
Contract collaboration on the Bounsel platform

Customers, suppliers, employees... Contact with whoever you need from anywhere

No matter where you are, what device you have or who you need to collaborate with. You can work with your team members in real time, whenever and wherever you want.

You can also share your documents online with your clients, suppliers, or external users with whom collaborate. You decide if they should edit the document, review it, approve it, digitally sign it... Whatever you need!
Comments on the documents in Bounsel

Unlimited and 100% secure online signatures

Advanced electronic signature with biometrics for everyone.

Yes, yes, it is. No matter the pricing plan you choose, closing your documents online will always be free. Approve your documents, sign them and send signature requests to whoever you need. It doesn't matter if they are Bounsel users or not, signatures are not denied to anyone!
Signing a document on a tablet

What if you could create your contracts in 60 seconds?

As easy as a conversation. Faster than you can imagine.
1. Transform smart fields into questions.

2. Save your document as a smart template.

3. If you want to create that document, just answer the questions, as if it were a conversation!
Bounsel's dynamic forms

Get back the time you deserve

Create, collaborate, sign, manage your documents in the cloud and don't worry about your legal processes!