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Connect your legal department with the entire organization using a contract management software for law firms

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contract management software for law firms

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How to digitize your law firm?

With Jorge Morell

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Automate your contracts and boost your productivity with a contract management software for law firms

Make your Microsoft Word or Google Docs templates smart. With a single click you can create an interactive form to complete the content of your documents automatically. You no longer have to write the same contract 1,000 times more!

Go from this…

✘ Mountains of paperwork.

✘ Too many human errors.

✘ Lost documents.

✘ Endless email threads.

✘ Repetitive manual tasks.

To this…

Organized documents.

Flawless contracts.

Quick and fast automated processes.

Better brand image.

High quality work.

contract management software for law firms

Position yourself as a benchmark in the legal sector

Take the digitization of your documents and contracts to the next level with our interactive forms. Collaborate with your customers in a much more human way. Improve your personal brand by offering a quality, fast and safe service with an impressive digital experience.

Manage hundreds of documents instantly with no stress

1. Upload a template from Microsoft Word or Google Docs with the variables that your clients need to complete.

For example: Full name, ID number, address, etc.

2. Create a flow transforming the variables into questions. Share the flow as many times as you want and with whoever you want.

For example: What is your full name?, What is your ID number?, What is your address?, etc.

3. Receive the document completed by one or more people in your repository without lifting a finger

Simpler than you ever imagined.

contract management software for law firms
“I used to be a super stressed M&A lawyer. I used to work in São Paulo at a big law firm coordinating the Iberian investment in Brazil. With the time difference, I remember waking up every morning with more than 100 emails to read. I used to draft documents with Microsoft Word doing copy-paste and with a lot of interruptions. I used to spend more than 2 hours a day just cleaning my inbox. I was always sending emails requesting information to complete contracts. It was a nightmare.”
contract management software for law firms

Spend your time doing legal work, not paper work

Get rid of paperwork and focus on business development. Free your mind. Always keep your contract management under control!