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Automate the creation of your documents in one place with a contract management software for SMB

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Store your documents in the cloud, classify them with tags and don’t miss another document ever again!

contract management


Control the key data of your contracts at a glance and unlock new business opportunities.

contract management


Offer a 100% digital experience to your customers and delight them with your service.

Make your team have superpowers

Automate the generation of legal documents and focus on regulatory compliance.

Reduce hiring times and speed up your personnel selection processes.

Manage your company’s financial information and arrange for equity and debt financing.

Streamline purchasing management with your suppliers and control the resources and costs of your company.

Increase your sales by accelerating the closing of contracts with your clients.

Outsource your marketing projects, whether with influencers, consultants or agencies.


Store your contracts in the cloud repository, classify them with tags and track all changes whenever you want. Never lose another document!


Tidy documents, reminders of deadlines and due dates, live tracking of the contract status and, above all, time to spend on the tasks that really matter.


The best service for your customers. Offer a 100% digital experience in real time with automatic notifications. Collaborate and succeed!
contract management software for smb

Costumers, suppliers or employees

Contact whoever you need from anywhere

No matter where you are, what device you have or who you need to request information from to complete your documents.

You can share your flow from your phone, tablet or laptop with your clients, suppliers or employees whenever and wherever you want!