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Episode 10

Data protection compliance with Krzysztof Szypillo of QueryLayer

Episode 9

How to become an entrepreneur in the legal sector with Lucía Goy of Gentile Law

Episode 8

How Legal Design is applied in experience design with Macarena Castro

Episode 7

Legal Operations How to be more efficient in the legal sector? with Eugenia Navarro

Episode 6

How to digitise your law firm? with Jorge Morell

Episode 5

What is Legal Design and how to apply it in law firms? with Laura Fauqueur

Episode 4

What is ProBono and how does it democratise access to justice? with Leire Larracoechea

Episode 3

Taking care of mental health in the legal profession with Manel Atserias

Episode 2

How does marketing for lawyers work? with Estela Martín of SincroGO

Episode 1

Applying legaltech in law firms with Aktion Legal’s Iga Kurowska