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Bounsel is committed to the security of your data and compliance with privacy regulations

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We proudly hold the ISO 27001 certification

Bounsel has been certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2022 which underscores our steadfast dedication to information security. This globally recognized standard attests to our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality, offering you complete peace of mind.

Choose us for your business needs, confident in the knowledge that we represent the gold standard in data protection. With ISO 27001, we don’t just meet the benchmark – we set it. Your security is at the core of our operations.

We protect your data and respect your privacy

We guarantee the protection of your data at all times. We are 100% compliant with EU data protection regulations (GDPR), PIPEDA and CCPA.

We fully protect your data

World-class encryption

Bounsel goes further by encrypting your data using standard SSL and more advanced TLS encryption, providing an impenetrable shield for your contracts.


Our servers hosted on AWS (Ireland) are kept up to date and meet the highest security standards. With AWS, you have the ability to access your data from any location, securely no matter where you are.


Enterprise-level protection 

We comply with EU data protection regulations (GDPR). We follow security standards to protect your information from cyber-attacks.

Privacy first

We have implemented a security framework to ensure the protection of your data in accordance with the guidelines set out in our Customer Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Higher-level security

Our security program is not solely guided by regulatory compliance but also embraces industry-leading standards such as OWASP.

Seamless scalability 

Effortless scalability. Single sign-on (SAML) provides a solution for large-scale deployments, ensuring frictionless growth.

We are a trust service provider

Advanced Electronic Signature 

Sign with confidence on any device with the protection and security of the Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES).

eIDAS Compliance 

Bounsel Sign is our native e-signature solution that complies with electronic identification, authentication and trust services (eIDAS) requirements, regulating all electronic transactions and their management.

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Data security in contract management is critical. Contract management systems typically use security measures such as data encryption, user authentication, and role-based permissions to protect sensitive information. In addition, robust security practices are implemented to prevent security breaches.

In Bounsel, parties to an electronic contract are authenticated by methods such as secure passwords, identification number or the use of digital certificates. These methods ensure that only authorized parties can access and sign the contract.

In case of loss or theft of an electronic contract, it is important to immediately inform the administrator of the contract management system. Most platforms have security measures in place to manage incidents and revoke access to compromised documents.

Confidentiality is ensured through controlled access to contracts. Only authorized parties have access to confidential information, and contract management systems record all activities for proper tracking.

A secure electronic contract is a digital contract document that is created, signed, and stored securely on a contract management platform. To ensure security, advanced electronic signatures and encryption are used to protect the integrity and authenticity of the contract.

The integrity of an electronic contract is protected by hashing techniques and digital signatures. These techniques ensure that the contract has not been modified since its creation, guaranteeing its validity.

Version control is essential for contract security, as it allows you to track all changes made to a contract over time. This ensures transparency and prevents unauthorized alterations.

Contract management systems typically comply with privacy and data security regulations, such as GDPR in Europe. This involves the implementation of specific security practices and policies, as well as the protection of personal data.

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