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contract management
contract management

The high workload of the legal area can lead to a chain of problems for the entire company, which can negatively impact its growth.

At Bounsel, we have created a solution to help you automate all those repetitive tasks associated with creating documents. You will no longer have to “copy and paste” information by reviewing endless email messages to complete the data of your customers, suppliers or employees and generate their documents.

Now you can empower your internal and external collaborators with a powerful tool. Forget manual errors, guarantee the security of your information, reduce contract management time, improve your company’s image and add real value to your daily work.

What our happy clients say about us

Ease to work and absolute control of all your documents. With Bounsel is wonderful, you have everything organized. It makes my work more fun.”

Patricia Domínguez, Senior Legal Counsel at Iryo

contract management software for law firms
My experience with Bounsel in my previous company was excellent, so I have decided to implement it in Forus. You have created a wonderful tool.”

Olga Polo, General Counsel & Compliance Officer at Grupo Forus

contract management software for law firms

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Why implement Bounsel Flow in your legal team?

contract management


You will reduce the time you spend generating contracts or legal agreements of any kind, whether they are labor, commercial, administrative contracts, etc. You will be able to update all your company’s documents in an agile way and adapt to current regulations.

contract management

Security & Compliance

Bounsel Flow guarantees you contracts without errors, the privacy of the data of all your documentation, compliance with all your legal obligations on time and software in the cloud that you can access at any time.

contract management


Through a cloud repository you can have real-time access to all your company’s legal documentation, collaborate with your work team, with your suppliers or clients.

contract management


We help you to be more productive when working with legal documents, minimizing errors, collaborating with people inside or outside your organization and improving the efficiency of your entire company.

Automate the generation of your legal documents


Create your contract templates in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, add square brackets to the fields that you must complete in the documents and upload them in docx or pdf format to Bounsel Flow. Our solution will automatically detect the fields in the form of variables and you will be able to assign a question to each variable.

Interactive forms

Create an interactive form or flow with all the questions you need to ask to complete the document data. Share the flow with your clients, employees or suppliers so that they complete the documents and receive them directly in your repository or by email. You will have the option to share it with them, adding a personalized message.


Organize all your company’s documentation in our cloud repository. Filter by category, name or tag to quickly access any document. With just one click you will be able to see the essential information of each document, saving a lot of time in reviewing contracts.
document management software

Software for the management of legal documents

Bounsel Flow will help you create large amounts of documents in a short time through an intuitive interface. Adapt to the constant demands of the legal sector by implementing a technological solution that improves your management of legal and business documentation.

Bounsel Flow, the future of contract management

Created for the most ambitious legal professionals. Connect the legal management of your entire company, reduce processing times, gain control of all your company’s documentation and obtain autonomy to implement strategies focused on your business.

With Bounsel Flow you will be able to keep your entire company aligned, facilitate the closing of agreements and make sure that all legal requirements are met.

Manage a large volume of documents associated with the different departments of your company: HR, sales, purchasing, marketing, finance and technology. It also collaborates with external personnel from any company, guaranteeing the security of your data.

Legal documents, contracts, requirements, permits, etc. We help you create all the documents your company needs. Have everything under control in case of an audit and forget about stress.

The digital transformation that we have experienced in recent times encourages us to implement technology in our processes to be competitive. Reduce contract closing times using a digital tool, according to the current needs of your business.

Create an infinite number of documents based on a master copy, add the clauses that you consider pertinent, create a flow and share it with whoever you want to complete the document. Comply with your contract management through the Bounsel Flow Software with total autonomy.

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document management software

We are not just another contract management software, we are your ally

Scale your legal team, so that you can focus on your business. Stop performing repetitive administrative tasks and improve your management of legal documents, delegating contract management to Bounsel Flow.

The future of work is already here.