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Optimize your contract closing process by means of sales document management through a technological tool.

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sales document management
sales document management

Eliminate bottlenecks in your company by implementing software to create your business documents. Get a greater competitive advantage by impressing your customers and scale your business.

Bounsel Flow, sales document management, will help you close deals faster through a simple and easy-to-use interface for both your team and your clients. Check the status of your contracts to see if they are approved or require a signature and get key data from the documents at a glance.

Why is Bounsel Flow the ally of your sales team?

sales document management

Customer contracts

Closing contracts with your clients will be more agile thanks to the intuitive interface of the Bounsel Flow software. Share a conversational form with your clients so that they can fill in the details of their contract and you can invite them to sign digitally to close the deal.

sales document management

Greater control

Get more control over the status of your documents with document management software like Bounsel Flow. Now you will be able to know if your documents are waiting for your approval, signature or completion in just one click.

sales document management


Connect your legal team with the sales team to facilitate closing deals in the shortest possible time. Facilitates communication between the different areas of the company to find out if your documents are pending review, signed, expired or canceled and act quickly in each of these cases.

sales document management

Assured success

Generate trust in your clients by offering an agile and secure tool, expedite the contractual process and offer a human experience in the treatment of your documents and contracts.

How to generate sales contracts with Bounsel Flow?

Templates for sales contracts

Create the templates you need in Microsoft Word or Google Docs for your sales agreements with the fields that your customers must fill in in square brackets and upload them to the Bounsel Flow software. From this master copy you will be able to create a large volume of contracts. No more copy and paste forever.

Interactive forms to send to your customers

Connect the variable fields of your sales contract templates to questions to create a conversational form or also called a “flow”. In this way, you will be able to humanize the process of filling out the document and offer a better experience to your customers.

Repository of your sales contracts

Store all your customer sales contracts in one place and allow your team to access them at any time. In this way, incidents can be corrected, reducing customer service time.
sales document management

A platform to close your contracts

Bounsel Flow aims to help you speed up the closing of your deals, making your business grow exponentially. Our document management software with autodetection of variables will recognize the fields that must be completed in your sales contract template so that you can automate the process and share a flow with a large number of clients.

Give a 360º turn to the closing of your sales contracts

Implement a solution that helps you plan the closing dates of your deals. Control the expiration date of each contract so that you can act assertively, plan and collaborate with your team by centralizing the information of your documents, optimize the experience of your clients and guarantee the security of their data.

Allow your entire organization to review the real-time status of your customer documents to speed up sales, enable permissions only for authorized people, and make your sales team more productive.

Save your clients’ documents in folders so that you have all their information organized in a single platform.

If you need to update the information of all your clients, you can send a single form so that all your clients respond to the requirements of the new document or contract.

Receive notifications to know the status of your contracts and be able to close deals on time. This way, you will stay informed about any changes in your documents and you will be more assertive in your decision making.

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sales document management

Unleash the potential of your sales team

Grow your business with a sales team trained with the latest technology. Close deals faster thanks to the agility and flexibility that Bounsel Flow allows you.

Accelerate the growth of your company.