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Big data infrastructure

We employ a massive and scalable cloud storage system to take maximum profit of valuable contract insights.

contract management

Natural Language Processing

We apply machine learning models to make contracts more human and bring them closer to you.

Better contract review with Bounsel AI

bounsel ai

Summarize legal documents

Select between plain or technical language to summarize large legal texts in a matter of seconds.

Ask questions to a contract

Ask any question to your documents and get accurate answers in seconds.

bounsel ai

Bounsel AI

The next level on contract management

Introducing the new amazing AI functionalities to make your contract lifecycle management easier, faster and more human.

New add-on only available on Premium and Enterprise plans

Using Artificial Intelligence to categorise your contracts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of a machine to perform human intelligence tasks.

R&D project financed by CDTI through the Neotec 2021 program

SNEO-20211459. Collaborative platform for intelligent and integral contract management based on Natural Language Processing in the legal field and in Spanish language

Financed by the European Union – Next Generation EU

Latest news in Artificial Intelligence

Bounsel receives EUR 325,000 from the CDTI Neotec 2021 program and accelerates their legal tech project

Artificial Intelligence and Next Generation EU, an impulse for “New Economy of the Language” PERTE

“Lawyers have realized that technology is their ally”

Bounsel AI:
AI so that everyone understands what signs in a legal document

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