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Bounsel Contract Life-cycle Management Software

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Your dream contract lifecycle management

Discover the magic of simplified and efficient contract management

Bounsel Flow

Give flow to your contracts

Automate the creation of your documents through interactive forms and save hundreds of hours. No more copy-paste!

Organize your docs stress free

Add tags, categories, filters and relevant information to your documents to find them quickly in our repository when you most need them.

Manage your contracts like a pro

Edit, track changes, get approvals, control and analyze all your contracts in minutes with our intuitive and powerful CLM.

document management software

Elevate your contract management
with our add-ons

To give even more power to your legal operations

document management software

Bounsel Sign

Speed up the closing of your contracts

Have all your contracts ready in a flash with our advanced electronic signature.

Offer flexibility to facilitate the signing process

Sign securely from any device with our digital certificate or biometric signature fully compliant with eIDAS regulation.

Bounsel AI

Reduce 89% your contract review

Ask questions to a document and get immediate answers. The power of AI has never been so real!

Generate professional executive summaries

Report key contract information in the blink of an eye and amaze your peers.

Create a flow 10x faster

Upload a template and automatically create the questions needed to fill out the variables in just one click.

document management software

What is the lifecycle of a contract?

Why a CLM software like Bounsel?

Surprise yourself with the advantages of using our CLM software

Create magical opportunities for your team

Your security is our priority

Store your documents in the cloud with our transparent, secure and scalable infrastructure. We protect your data and respect your privacy.


We have the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certificate. Our servers hosted in Google Cloud (Belgium) and Amazon AWS (Ireland) are kept up to date and in compliance with the highest security standards.

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We guarantee the protection of your data at all times. We are 100% compliant with EU data protection regulations (GDPR), PIPEDA and CCPA.


Discover a whole world of possibilities with our integrations

Access to more than 6,000 applications in just one click

What our happy clients say about us

bounsel employee

Uelz Success Story

Find out how Uelz optimizes the company’s entire document management and signing process, saving time and effort for its operations team. 

“I use Bounsel to create and sign contracts with clients. It is very intuitive and it makes the experience much faster, smoother, and friendlier than the traditional way.”

Xandra Etxabe, Cofounder & COO at Uelz

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“Thanks to using Bounsel Flow, we now have more time to focus on the main tasks of our business such as contacting customers, launching offers and improving our product.”

David Salces, Chief Operating Officer at Fibsen

contract management software for law firms

Easy to work with and absolute control of all your documents. With Bounsel it is wonderful, you have everything organized. It makes my work more fun.”

Patricia Domínguez, Senior Legal Counsel at Iryo

contract management software for law firms
My experience with Bounsel in my previous company was excellent, so I have decided to introduce and implement it in Forus. You have created a wonderful tool.”

Olga Polo, General Counsel & Compliance Officer at Forus

contract management software for law firms

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