What is productivity in the legal department?

Productivity assesses the efficiency of people using resources such as money or time. In a legal department, it is clear that productivity will have an impact on the success of a company. Now more than ever we are aware of the impact of legal actions on the progress of an organisation.

However, managing a legal team is no easy task. It is necessary to align employees and managers with the aim of ensuring that everyone complies with the standards set by the government or by the company.

In this article we want to help you improve the productivity of your legal department thanks to innovation and technology.

productivity legal department

1. Establish KPI’s to evaluate your team’s performance‍

2. Externalisation process  

3. Establish appropriate communication channels within the team

4. Improve the soft skills in your team

5. Implement technological and collaborative solutions

5 tips to increase productivity in your department

Establish KPI’s to evaluate the performance of your team.

A clear vision of the business is vital in any team. Improving the performance of each team member is key to establish objectives that indicate whether they are on the right track.

Having metrics will help us to create new strategies to improve productivity in case we are not reaching the objectives set by the team.  this way, we will also improve the quality of our work, which will have an impact on work-life balance.

Some objectives of the legal department to evaluate productivity can be:

% of closed processes in relation to the total number of processes.

% of closed disputes in relation to the total number of open disputes

Closing time for signed contracts.

Each company can set the KPIs that most relate to its business, but it is important to take this into account for the achievement of business objectives.

Externalisation of processes

From time to time it is important to review whether we are carrying out the right processes at reduced costs. Sometimes we take over processes internally that slow down the achievement of objectives and make us less productive.

On the other hand, we sometimes outsource processes instead of digitising our business, which could greatly reduce costs.

Analysing the situation of your company after a change, such as staffing, pandemic, teleworking, etc., will make you check whether you really need to continue outsourcing processes or whether there are members of your team who could take over some projects.


Establish appropriate communication channels within the team

Regardless of the sector your company belongs to or the area in which you work, without good communication you will see few results in the long term.

Una de las claves es que tanto las funciones como las tareas diarias de cada uno de los miembros del equipo queden claramente definidas.

Having technological support and qualified staff for administrative tasks can help lawyers to concentrate on projects more closely linked to the legislative or legal area.

In addition, it is vital to have a communication tool, such as Slack, that works both face-to-face and teleworking. In this way, all members of the company will be aware of company news or updates in real time.

Improving the soft skills of your team

In many legal departments, emphasis is placed on the technical skills of candidates when they are in the selection process. However, soft skills are as important as or more important than knowledge.

Some of the aspects that lawyers should work on are negotiation, persuasion, business orientation and communication skills.

In addition, further learning about leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills through methodologies such as agile can improve productivity and communication among lawyers.

Implementing technological and collaborative solutions

Technology is key to improve the clients experience In an increasingly competitive world, no longer focused on product or sales, customer experience is essential to stand out from the competition.

Having a CRM will make it easier for you to keep track of every stage your customers or prospects are in and it will be easier to offer them an ad hoc and quality service.

A solution legaltech a document software will help you centralise all your customer information in one place and speed up the process of closing contracts or completing documents.

Investing in this type of technology will help you to be more productive and improve your brand image, as you will be quicker to attend to your customers’ needs.


productivity legal department


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