Nowadays, having a document management software is not an option, but a necessity. As companies grow, having a document management system allows us to store large amounts of information and keep everything under control.

Having this type of technological solution makes it easier for us to organise our work, save time, be more efficient and much more! It also helps us to be at an advantage over our competitors.

In this article we tell you about the main advantages of document management software. Have a look at it.

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What is document management software?

A document management software is a system that allows you to classify, organise and store information, be it documents, invoices, data sheets, receipts or contracts.

The difference with older document management systems lies in the speed with which we can access information, the control over every part of the process and the ease of creating and searching for documents.

7 advantages of document management software for lawyers

Increased productivity

Document management software is the key to finding documents in minutes, sharing them, and generally creating more dynamic workflows with your team.

The advance of technology in recent years has allowed us to obviate the process of checking email hundreds of times a day, filing, photocopying, printing, etc.  This has a direct impact on the efficiency of workers, lightening the administrative workload and increasing productivity.

Centralised information in one place

Centralising all your company’s document management operations in one software can help you save hundreds of hours on repetitive tasks.

In this way, you bring a manual process into a virtual environment where information is available in real time and in any location.

Cost savings

Having all the information digitised in a document management software allows you to save costs by storing large amounts of paper, as well as office space Thanks to this, your workers can perform their tasks in a more spacious and comfortable environment.

Minimising human error

Integrating manual document management into document management software can help you minimise human errors such as duplicate contracts, document damage or the risk of losing documents.

A solution like Bounsel is the perfect ally to avoid unwanted errors and to reach the deadlines agreed with your customers on time.

Information security and protection

Document management software ensures that contracts, invoices, data and, in general, your company’s sensitive information is protected. You can create as many backup copies as you deem necessary to keep your documents safe.

In addition, you can control which documents must be disposed of and when, in compliance with the regulations of the law on confidential document destruction.

Digital signature facility

Document management software allows you to automate processes such as digital signatures.

With a technological solution such as Bounsel you can request the virtual signature of any document securely and with advanced biometric authentication.

Care for the environment

The role of document management software is extremely important in protecting our environment.

As environmental awareness has increased, the need to incorporate IT solutions is growing by leaps and bounds.

Nowadays, we have an infinite number of technological tools for all types of sectors or processes. In the legal sector, a document software like Bounsel is key to optimise your daily management.

software for lawyers

What should document management software contain?

Advanced search

This functionality allows the user to search for documents and data in real time. The search can be done using the “autocomplete”, “similar text” or “exact text” function.

Check in / Check out

It is essential that a document management software contains this functionality, as it allows users to lock the document while they are editing it. In this way, it is foreseen that any other team member can simultaneously access and edit the document at the same time. This avoids duplicate documents and errors.

Version control

With this functionality, users can have control over document versions. This is very useful in case there was an error in the document and you want to revert to the previous version.


It allows to visualise all the actions that have been carried out within the document through the document management software. This includes actions such as creating, editing, signing, moving or deleting.


Good document management software should be flexible enough to be able to customise workflows according to the needs of each organisation.


This type of functionality allows for more fluid communication with the team, as well as reminders about actions. It consists of adding overlay annotations to the document.


This feature allows an expiry date to be added to documents. In this way, an expiry date can be set for the document to be automatically deleted or a notification can be sent to the user to delete it manually. This makes it possible to keep track of the retention of documents.

Activity Feed

A document management software should contain an activity feed where you can see in real time the changes made to the document. In addition, it should provide the possibility to consult labels, approvals, signatures and document data in general.


Nothing like a document management software that helps you close contracts quickly thanks to digital signatures. At Bounsel we have a biometric fingerprint digital signature, an electronic seal linked to Coordinated Universal Time.


One of the most important aspects of document management software is security. To protect documents, it is vital to have a cloud infrastructure whose servers have passed security standards and certifications, which complies with GDPR and performs annual and quarterly penetration tests.

Give flow to your contracts

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Strategies for implementing document management software

Get to know your team

In order to acquire document management software, it is essential to know the needs of our team. Know what daily tasks they spend most of their time on and how a technological solution can make their work easier and increase their productivity.

Plan the implementation of document management software

Determining what the next steps will be can be a great help in speeding up the process.

As part of our implementation plan, we must consider the time it takes for employees to adapt to the new system. This will help you understand whether your team needs training sessions to get the most out of the software.

Choose software geared to the needs of your customers.

Having a solution that improves the service you offer to your customers will not only improve your brand image, but will also have an impact on your company’s profitability.

Always being attentive to customers’ needs is key to choosing the right document management software. Constant feedback from customers is a powerful tool for the continuous improvement of a product or service.

Bounsel, all-in-one document management software

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