Today we are going to meet another young new entry in the Bounsel family.

She is Roxy Gillingham, she is English, but she has been studying here in Valencia for the last 2 years in the Double Degree in International Business.

She considers herself an extrovert and open-minded person, in her free time she loves going out and doing activities with friends, exploring cities and meeting new people.

Her hobbies include sports such as surfing, paddle tennis and squash but he is also very passionate about music and plays several instruments!

This will be his first professional experience and that is why he is eager to get started: he believes that Bounsel is the perfect company to learn a lot about the world of work and business. What he enjoys most is the possibility to work closely with many different members of the team.

And, really, we are very happy to have you too!

If you also want to be part of Bounsel, get to know us and join us!