The time has come to say goodbye to another of our members who has finished his internship in the company. This is what he has written to us:

During the last three months I have been doing my internship at Bounsel and I am here to tell you about my experience with the company.

At the beginning I was not sure what to expect, as it was my first professional work experience as such. The first thing I found was a good working atmosphere, all the colleagues welcomed me as one of them and offered me all their help.

I started working on several audiovisual projects for different marketing campaigns using different editing software (Premier, After Effects, Vegas, Photoshop…), where both Pamela (my tutor) and Andrés (Graphic Design) helped me. I also worked on other web programmes such as WebFlow and WordPress where I edited content or uploaded blogs on certain topics related to the application. All this has allowed me to develop different aspects of my qualities to be able to deal with any subject and to be more versatile, especially when it comes to promoting aspects of the company.

Finally, to conclude my internship, I carried out a project with my colleagues Macarena and Noemi on an advertising spot, where my work consisted of both the recording and the post-production of the spot.

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to debut in the workplace and for the good treatment of all the members I have met, for my part it has been a pleasure.

See you soon!

Ástor Entenza.


It was sad to say goodbye to you but at the same time we are happy to hear that you have been well with us.

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