New member of the team! Ástor is the first addition to the Bounsel team in 2023. He studied at a high school of science in Albacete, which allowed him to enter the career of Multimedia Engineering at the University of Valencia, a little known career where knowledge of computer science is mixed with all audiovisual and multimedia subjects. She is currently in her final year and decided to join Bounsel’s Marketing Department for her internship.

He has always been fond of multimedia devices, be it computers, video games and music players. Therefore, he loves music, producing and editing videos, as well as all the creativity that is implicit in all these arts. I wanted to merge it with Engineering, as this career deals with several of the above-mentioned subjects that interest me.

He is a passionate person, mainly emphasising this aspect of his personality in football, as he has been playing it for as long as he can remember. This has helped him to develop an ambitious character, which undoubtedly impacts on other areas of his life.

Another of his passions is music, he learned to play the piano as a child and often gets carried away by the songs and what they transmit to him. As for his qualities, Ástor describes himself as a noble, fair, social and transparent person.

He enjoys a lot with the people around him: family, friends, travelling with them or enjoying different experiences, like the one he is starting in our company.

“I am at Bounsel to learn in a new environment, to help as much as possible, to enrich my knowledge and to enjoy this opportunity”.

We are delighted to have you on the team!

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