We are very happy to introduce Anna, who has joined Bounsel as Associate Product Manager.

Anna is a young Italian law graduate specialised in European and International Law at the Università di Trento. She considers herself an “atypical jurist” with a strong sense of justice, deeply interested in social issues. His extensive knowledge of the legal world will enable him to collaborate with the product team to enhance our customers’ experience.

As you can imagine, their aim is to achieve a fairer world through their work, a better world than the one we know. He is a person with firm ideas, unafraid to defend his position. He loves dialogue, always with respect and an open mind to new perspectives and ideas. In addition, driven by her interest and desire to help others, she volunteered with the Red Cross for 7 years.

Although she was born in Italy, Anna spent her adolescence in Switzerland. He has also had the opportunity to take part in two Erasmus programmes, first in the German city of Hamburg and then in Lisbon. And now it has settled in Valencia to accompany us on our journey and work with us to become the leading legaltech company in Spain.

His time in these countries has fostered his passion for travelling and learning new languages, which has allowed him to develop a great ability to adapt to change. In addition, his innate talent for dialogue has made him a great problem manager.

But Anna also takes the opportunity to enjoy her free time. She loves the little things, a beautiful sunset, a film with her friends, playing the guitar…

We are sure that we will form a great team with her!

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