Bounsel has been one of the companies included in the Legal Geek Startup Map, an overview of all startups and scaleups related to the legaltech sector in Europe.

Legal Geek has been organising LawTech and Legal Innovation events, both online and in person in London and New York, since 2016. Its mission is to make a positive impact on the legal profession by connecting, informing and inspiring. During their events they are able to gather thousands of attendees from more than 40 different countries.

This year 2021, Legal Geek has updated its map and has included Bounsel alongside more than 50 other innovative companies in the legal sector. This map is a snapshot of the current situation that shows the legaltech landscape and provides insight into technology companies related to the world of law.

This year’s Legal Geek Conference is being held on 5-6 October in London. Where law firm leaders, general counsel, investors, scaleups, policymakers, startups and innovation fanatics will gather for two days of inspiration and knowledge sharing.

The event aims to re-establish links between members of the community. We’re not going to miss it, are you? We look forward to seeing you!

In the following link you can see the complete map and all the information about it.