Aren’t you tired of not being able to easily monitor the status of your contracts?

Have you ever realized how much time you waste performing manual and repetitive tasks in the creation and management of your documents?

Today, contracts are still drafted using Microsoft Word, copy-pasting and sending the versions by email to the different parties involved in the agreement.




During this process we lose a lot of information, there are comments and versions that we do not read, we forget them or they get mixed with other documentation. In addition, when we finish working on a contract, we have to sign it, sometimes even manually, by printing it out and re-digitizing it. And worst of all, if at that moment you discover a mistake, it’s back to square one!

We have assumed that this is the way we should work with our contracts. But why? The digital transformation has begun and the legal sector cannot be left behind. It is time to take advantage of technology and optimize our time to the maximum. We live in a digital world, and we have to adapt to it.

At Bounsel, we have created the solution to your problems. An all-in-one platform to manage your contracts together with your team and the parties involved in your contractual processes.

With our platform, you not only gain time to dedicate to important tasks, you also minimize human error and foster collaboration. You can work on the same contract with your colleagues in real time!




Create your document, edit it, share it, ask for approvals, review, comment, create smart templates, add notes and even reminders. But, that’s not all, the best part? You will be able to sign your contracts without leaving the platform. Both you and the parties involved will be able to review and sign it when you agree, without the need to use other tools or print the document.

Do you also believe that the time for change has come? Here is a small dose of Bounselthe smartest way to manage your contracts. Don’t miss the video and start your digital transformation!