Our founders, Pilar Prados and Marcos Sanz, have given an interview to innova.legal, in which they talk about the origins and development of Bounsel, among other topics.

Innova.legal is a platform where the world of technology and the legal world merge. A ‘fresh out of the oven’ space, which gives a voice to this booming sector: legal technology.

In this second edition of ‘Project of the month’, Bounsel has been selected as a proposal, so our founders, Pilar Prados (CEO) and Marcos Sanz (CTO) have answered a couple of questions about why the Valencian startup was founded, how it was founded, in what process it is currently…

From Bounsel we would like to thank Lucía Carrau for having counted on us to carry out the article 💜.

You can read the full article here