This week the Mobile World Congress is being held at the Fira de Barcelona, an international congress that connects technology companies that want to showcase their latest developments and innovative projects.

As part of this, the following has been organized 4 Years From Now (4YFN 2021), the mobile industry’s largest event aimed at startups from around the world and which brings together thousands of creative, innovative and industry-leading people each year to do business and create new connections. And, of course, the Bounsel team didn’t want to miss it!

A few days ago we went to Barcelona to enjoy this event and learn firsthand all the news of the startup ecosystem, as well as the future of technology and its applications.

We are a very young and multidisciplinary team, with a lot of interest and willingness to learn. Therefore, we wanted to live this experience and take the opportunity to meet projects with great potential, as well as professionals with great ideas that inspire us in our work.

It has also allowed us to create new contacts and exchange impressions with the rest of the attendees, which has provided us with a lot of learning both on a personal and professional level. Andrés Vidal, our UX Designer, tells us that 4YFN “has offered him a wide range of graphic inputs, such as audiovisual pieces, immersive experiences or brand communication strategies, which can always serve as a reference and inspiration for Bounsel’s future communicative actions”.

On the other hand, as Álex Menor, Full-stack Developer at Bounsel, explained, “in terms of technology, many startups continue to experiment with artificial intelligence to take their projects to the next level. We discover very interesting solutions to problems such as misinformation or lack of control over our data. For the former, the key is to empower the user to have data and tools at their fingertips that allow them to test hypotheses and contrast information. For the latter, the trend is to reduce the opacity of platforms. White-box algorithms that explain on what data the different outputs are based (recommendations, scores, etc…).”

In addition, we have been able to understand the points for improvement of the companies in the ecosystem that, just as it happens to us, find stones in the road and look for solutions to continue improving. “Despite the fact that we are in the digital era, and that the projects presented by the startups present at the event were related to innovation or technological solutions, their internal processes are sometimes somewhat archaic. On this side, I saw that some of them feel the need to implement in their contract management processes a digital signature in order to avoid unnecessary travel, improve the customer experience and give legal validity to their contracts that were not signed on paper”. – This is how Pablo Muñoz, our Business Development Representative, has reflected the insights he has detected at a professional level in the development of other companies.

We all agree that this approach to the entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem has been a unique opportunity to connect with profiles of all kinds, but with something in common: the courage and strength to materialize their ideas into services or products with a very large real projection. All of them drive us to continue working from Bounsel to grow and offer the best of us with our contract automation platform.

It has been a very positive experience that has also allowed us to improve our social skills and face new professional challenges. We look forward to meeting again at 4YFN next year and hope to see you there with us!