At Bounsel, we support initiatives aimed at encouraging young people and improving their start in the world of work. One of them is the e-Start program of Fundación Universidad-Empresa.

Some time ago, the Fundación Universidad-Empresa contacted Pilar, CEO of Bounsel, to offer her collaboration in this program, e-Start, where students are given the opportunity to do internships, both undergraduate and graduate, in online mode. In this way, students can take part in real projects that allow them to live their first professional experiences without having to move from their usual place of residence.

Pilar agreed to participate and proposed several projects related to digital marketing. One of them was assigned to me as a student of the Master in Marketing and Digital Advertising at Nebrija University and, after a few months working together, we saw that good communication and the correct development of the work is possible even at a distance. So, we extended the internship period to such an extent that now, one year later, I am already working in Bounsel and I am in charge of the Marketing department.

In the following interview we tell you how this experience has been 100% online and how the process has developed since we started with the internship until the hiring and the current life in Bounsel.


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