Hi everyone! My name is Jorge Montoya Lisarde, 4th year student in telematics engineering and I am here to tell you about my experience at Bounsel.

My beginnings with Bounsel were impressive, I was informing myself and trying to help Marcos Sanz in the deployment of the application in a Kubernetes cluster. It was a field I had never been in before and I found it very confusing in the beginning, but I must say that with Marcos’ help I learned much more than my initial frustration let me believe. I must give a special mention to Marcos Sanz for his patience and all the knowledge he has given me, thanks to him I have laid the foundations for everything that is yet to come in my working life.

Overall, my whole experience with Bounsel has been very positive, but if there is one thing I can emphasize a lot, it is their team, and I have been in many jobs already, and I have seen from the good to the not so good, but I think I have never experienced such a close team, from the first week they welcomed me and I personally felt like one of them despite my short stay.

From this period I get a good experience with nice memories that I have already recommended to colleagues from my university, because I think it is a very enriching experience to do before finishing our studies.

It has been a complete pleasure and thank you very much for the experience.

Jorge Montoya Lisarde.

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