Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a topic of growing importance in the legal world. As technology advances, lawyers face increasingly complex AI-related challenges, from intellectual property issues to the regulation of decision-making algorithms. One fascinating way to address these issues is through movies that explore AI and its legal implications. In this article, we will explore some AI movies that can serve as the basis for interesting discussions among lawyers.

1. “Ex Machina” (2014):

“Ex Machina” is a film that raises profound ethical and legal questions about the creation of conscious artificial beings. The story centers on the creation of a highly advanced android with artificial intelligence and self-awareness. Lawyers may debate issues such as the legal rights of AIs, the liability of creators, and whether AIs can claim their own autonomy.

2. “Her” (2013):

This film features a relationship between a man and a highly advanced AI operating system. “Her” raises questions about the definition of consciousness and the legality of relationships between humans and AI systems. Lawyers may explore issues such as the ability of AIs to consent and the possibility of establishing legal rules in such situations.

3. “I, Robot” (2004):

“I, Robot” is set in a future where robots with advanced AI are part of everyday life. The plot centers on a murder committed by a robot, which raises questions about the legal liability of AIs in the event of harm or crime. Lawyers can discuss the regulation of robots, the possibility of prosecuting AIs and how laws are applied in a world where robots have limited autonomy.

4. “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” (2001):

This film directed by Steven Spielberg delves into the relationship between humans and advanced robots designed to love and care for humans. The film addresses the question of whether AIs can experience emotions and whether they have any legal rights, as well as the complexity of human-machine relationships.

5. Ghost in the Shell” (1995) and its 2017 adaptation:

These films explore the merging of humanity and technology in a dystopian future. Lawyers can debate privacy protection in a world where human brains can be networked and identity in a context of technological advances.


AI films provide fertile ground for debates among lawyers about legal and ethical issues related to artificial intelligence. These cinematic works allow legal professionals to explore complex issues such as the legal liability of AIs, the rights of conscious machines, and the regulation of advanced technology. By using these films as a starting point, lawyers can foster valuable discussions and consider the legal challenges posed by the rapid advancement of AI in society.

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