Galo joins Bounsel as Data Scientist, to work with us on R&D projects, specifically machine learning and NLP.

He is a data scientist and has more than five years of experience in full-stack research; including data processing, visualisation and analysis as well as model implementation and evaluation.. In 2022 he received his PhD as a particle physicist from the University of Valencia after performing analyses on data collected by the ATLAS detector, an international collaboration of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN..

“My experience in this collaboration has made me work with very diverse people and has made me a team player, who believes in working collaboratively as a recipe for success and who is always open-minded and willing to support and help others in any way I can”. – Galo tells us about his time at UV.

He considers himself an enthusiast of machine learning techniques, always curious and highly motivated to continue improving his skills.

Its purpose is to make the most of data to perform analysis in different areas in order to help Bounsel achieve its goals and improve its skills. His passion in the world of work is to uncover the secrets behind the data, learn from it and put it all together into a wonderful story to communicate.

But his life does not only revolve around data and professional life. Basketball, hiking and travelling are some of his hobbies. And if you add a few beers with friends, it’s the perfect plan. Besides, he also likes chess. Good combination, huh? ūüėú

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