Today we introduce you to Gemma Losa, a young woman of only 20 years old who is in her last year of her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and has joined Bounsel to do her curricular internship and learn much more about corporate communication from the Marketing Department.

Our new member is curious, outgoing, sociable, empathetic and very energetic. She doesn’t like to slow down, so she is never idle. She currently combines her work at Bounsel with her degree studies at the University of Valencia and collaborates in a digital media covering Valencian cultural events. We told you it doesn’t stop for a second!

Now let’s talk about his hobbies. She loves travelling with her friends, who she says “are my best companions in life”, dancing, reading and languages. Oh, and the pastries! That runs in the family. He is also very family-oriented, although he never says no to a good party.

And that’s not all, Gemma is very restless and now she has signed up for a ceramics workshop in Valencia, her home town. For her, Valencia is magical, not only because it is the city that has seen her grow up, but also because she is able to find the charm of each and every one of its corners, as well as the fact that the food of the terreta is delicious, and we don’t disagree with her!