Our CEO and founder, Pilar Prados, participated in the Google For Startups Women Founders Academy programme. A series of meetings over 3 months in which women entrepreneurs have developed their leadership skills and improved their business connections.

The agenda was divided into 4 blocks in which workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions were held: Leadership Coaching and ad-hoc support, knowledge sharing, adaptive resilience programme and optimisation of working time.

Thanks to the programme, the founders have been able to improve their professional network and learn from each other how to empower their companies. Among the group of entrepreneurs were Andrea Cayon of Passporter, Angelica Pimentel of Poin, Beatriz Sanchis of Nax Solutions, Carolina Amorim of Emotai, Cristina Correia of Abstrace, Ekaterina Stambolieva of Cosmos Pics, Ida Bourjouane of Partner In Cream, Johanna Gallo of Arplanet, Maria Luke of Uelz and Noelia Novella of Doinn..

From Bounsel we encourage more women to become entrepreneurs, learn every day and keep fighting to achieve their goals.