If you are a lawyer, you probably lead a busy life, but we all deserve a moment of disconnection. A good book is the ideal companion for those much-needed moments of relaxation.

In this new Bounsel article we want to share with you some literary works that will motivate you and teach you great lessons of justice.

The Innocent One – Michael Connely

A wealthy heir named Louis Roulet is accused of the attempted murder of a prostitute. Michael Haller will be in charge of defending it. However, the plot takes an unexpected turn when Haller discovers new clues about the case.

Michael Haller is a criminal lawyer who works on his car, has two ex-partners and a daughter from his first marriage.

In Cold Blood – Truman Capote

The plot of this novel is set in Kansas. After the four members of one family, Herbert Clutter, his wife Bonnie and their two children, Nancy and Kenyon, were murdered by Richard Hickock and Perry Smith. The motive for the crime is the attempted robbery of Herbet’s safe, in which he allegedly kept large sums of money.

The truth is that when Hickock and Smith arrive at the Clutter house they find no such amount of money. However, they decide to murder the family so that there are no witnesses to the attempted robbery.

After the murder, both criminals are caught by the police and charged with murder. Defence lawyers attempted to plead insanity on the part of both men, but the jury concluded that they are sane and should be sentenced to life imprisonment. They spend five years on death row until they are executed by hanging.

The Trial – Franz Kafka

This unfinished novel by Franz Kafka is a critique of an inefficient justice system. The story is based on the arrest of Josef K, a bank clerk who is arrested by the police without knowing what crime he has committed. The protagonist goes through a series of altercations resulting from the bureaucracy and repression of an oppressive judicial system.

The Judge – Steve Martini

Judge Armando Acosta is accused of inducing prostitution, which causes all his friends to distance themselves from him. Paul Madriani, an old enemy of the courts, is forced to defend Judge Acosta, even though his reputation is at stake.

A film of the play is also available on Amazon Prime.

Time to Kill – John Grisham

The thriller written by John Grisham tells the story of Carl Lee, accused of killing two white men as they were escorted to jail after their bail hearing. The motive for Carl’s murder is the rape and murder of his 12-year-old daughter by these subjects. Carl asks his friend, and fellow lawyer, Jake Brigance, to defend him in court. He will go to great lengths to prove the state Carl was in to commit the attack.

The law firm – Borja Martínez-Echavarría

This novel by Spanish writer Borja Martínez Echeverría focuses on the takeover of Petroespaña by GlobalHerz, the largest oil company in Spain and the fourth largest in the world. The purchase of Petroespaña will unite the lives of the main characters in a maelstrom of crime; Alberto Spínola, a young lawyer working at the Kline & Burbridge law firm and Berta, a tenacious journalist feared by all the bigwigs in the country.

Anatomy of a Murder – Robert Traver

A man who has murdered his wife’s attacker is arrested and put on trial in a gruelling trial in which he will have to prove his innocence. The action takes place in the trial itself in which the lawyers, judges and the accused are the characters that bring the story to life.

An essential book, especially for criminal lawyers. A classic that laid the foundations of a genre.

The fear of freedom – Erich Fromm

This essay by the famous writer and psychoanalyst analyses the psychological situation of the population after the Second World War. It is also a study of the most vile authoritarian leaders in history. Erich Fromm argues in this book that powerful leaders such as Hitler or Mussolini suffered from a great psychic fear of freedom. A magnificent book for lovers of psychoanalysis.

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