Today we introduce you to Javi, who has recently joined Bounsel as a Fullstack Developer.

He studied a higher degree in Web Application Development and, although he had a sufficient average to study for a degree in Computer Engineering, he decided to go into the world of work to learn as much as possible.

After several years of working in various companies, as well as continuing to learn on a self-taught basis, he became interested in Bounsel. Their reasons? He was very impressed by the the technology and architecture used in our project our projectas well as the possibility to learn and work in a team with other colleagues.

Outside the professional world, he loves anime and video games, so he would love to travel to Japan, but he has many other destinations on his travel bucket list, such as Norway, Chile and Egypt. He told us that he intends to visit places with unique sights.

We are delighted that you have joined the team!

If you also want to be part of Bounsel, get to know us y join us!