I’m Xavi Ortega and this year I finished my degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Valencia. During the second semester of my final year, in 2022, I did my curricular internship at Bounsel. I spent almost four months working and learning with the startup team, who made me feel very welcome and thanks to whom I learned to work in a field in which I feel very comfortable.

During this stage I was carrying out different functions within the area of Marketing and Content Creation: from the creation of articles for the blog on the web – thanks to which I learned about the world of law, its problems and solutions – to the planning of posts on social networks, through the creation of Newsletters and content production.

However, the role I was most excited about was developing a creative project for the company. From day one, Pilar Prados, co-founder and CEO of Bounsel, put the emphasis on each internship student to carry out a creative project, placing their trust in us.

I decided to take on the production of a Podcast related to the startup field: law. I researched the different sections and prepared five different chapters with five guests suggested by Pilar. Thanks to this production I was able to learn how to develop a project in a professional way and apply the previous knowledge I already had in my studies. In addition, bringing them to a practical case creates obstacles that you don’t usually have to deal with, and solving these problems helps you to increase your problem-solving skills.

I enjoyed doing all these tasks and activities within the company and this was also possible thanks to the good working atmosphere in the offices: young atmosphere, good vibes and trust between us. Whenever I had any doubts I could discuss them with any of the colleagues, who gave me a hand whenever I needed it.

In short, I feel very fortunate to have been able to do my internship in a company like Bounsel, both for the training they have given me and for the confidence I felt inside the startup from day one, so I can only thank you. ❤️

Xavi Ortega

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