My name is Maëva, I am finishing my degree in Graphic Design at Barreira and, during the first half of this year 2021, I had the opportunity to do my curricular internship at Bounsel. I have been 3 months working on-line with the team and the communication has been very good, since from the first moment they have solved any doubt I could have.

During my internship at Bounsel I have performed different activities within the design area. I have been mainly dedicated to create resources for their website: icons, illustrations, gif animations and mockups. I have also designed different creatives for the company’s social networks, such as Instagram or LinkedIn and I have created the covers of the featured Instagram stories.

My experience at Bounsel has been very positive. On the one hand, they have given me the opportunity to develop and put into practice everything I have been learning throughout these years of study and, on the other hand, I have also learned a lot: new techniques, programs and organizational methods that I had not worked with until now. In addition, I have learned to work as part of a team and to complete tasks within the estimated deadlines.

They have given me a lot of freedom when creating new content, which has allowed me to develop my creativity while receiving feedback to improve and achieve the expected results, which has helped me to grow professionally.

In short, I think it was the ideal company to do the internship and I am very grateful to the whole team, with whom I enjoyed a day of team building where we were able to get to know each other better and be together in person.

Maëva Boukhetache

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