My name is María Saiz, I am currently in the 4th year of the Audiovisual Communication Degree at the Universitat de València. I did my curricular internship at Bounsel and, to tell the truth, it has been one of the most enriching experiences I have taken away from my career.

Since I was a little girl I always liked to take pictures in all the trips I made with my parents, I would record the places we visited and then I would post everything on the social network that was popular at the time. One Christmas my parents gave me a more professional camera, and I remember that since that day the camera has accompanied me everywhere.

Why did I choose Bounsel?

My main idea was to do my internship in a production company, but with the pandemic situation we were living through, all of them were paralyzed. So I looked at the options offered by UV, and discovered Bounsel. When I read the activities to be performed, I really liked the diversity of tasks it offered and the freedom to perform them. What most caught my attention was the audiovisual piece that was proposed as the final project of the internship. So I didn’t think twice and contacted Pilar.

The first few days everything was new to me. I was not familiar with such technological and digital terms, so I had to inform myself and learn more about it. My tasks were mainly based on writing and generating content for social networks and for the blog, in order to achieve maximum dissemination.

For me, doing the internship at Bounsel has been a challenge, since I have faced a completely unknown field for me, I have gone out of my zone of comfort to enter the world of legaltech and learn how technology can facilitate and improve people’s lives in both the work and personal spheres.

¿Qué me han aportado estas prácticas?

As I have already mentioned, during my stay in the startup I have been nourished with new concepts and knowledge that I had never contemplated before. I have worked in a team with totally different people, but all of them wonderful, who have helped and supported me in everything. I have created, in addition to a work bond, a friendship that I take with me and for which  will always be grateful, as well as for the trust they have given me to develop my own project that will soon come to light. Without a doubt, it has been an adventure that I would repeat a thousand times.

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