Today it’s time to introduce Daniel, new Full-stack Developer at Bounsel.

Daniel studied Electronics and Industrial Automation Engineering. However, when he was about to finish his degree, he decided that he wanted to focus on computer science, so he decided to pursue a degree in Information Systems Engineering. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Agile Web Software Development.

He has worked in many fields, such as web application and system development, mobile applications and loT (the Internet of Things) development. However, he has also done research work in AI data-to-text and Big Data.

His decision to work at Bounsel was motivated by the passion with which Pilar Prados and Marcos Sanz, the founders of the company, told him about the vision of the company and the product, Bounsel Flow.

Daniel’s great passions include soccer, computers, video games and animals, especially his bunny Juno. In addition, he is very concerned about the environment, research and scientific dissemination.

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P.S. As a bonus track, here is a picture of Juno. Incluso tiene su propia cuenta de Instagram.