Today is another presentation!

This time it is the turn of Thaisa, who has joined Bounsel as Customer Success Manager. As she told us, she considers herself to be charismatic, fun and always willing to help, which is essential in this department.

Thaisa is Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, but for 4 years she has been living in Valencia, the city that has conquered her heart

Regarding her education, she studied a higher degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce. His work experience has been developed mainly in Brazil, where he worked at the University of Rio de Janeiro for 4 years.

In Spain she has previously worked in a startup doing what she likes the most: being in contact with customers, understanding them and making them have a unique experience with the brand.

He decided to go with Bounsel because the product, Bounsel Flow, appealed to him. In addition, he told us that he is a big fan of any technology that can be used to our advantage to save time and invest it in what really matters.

Among their favorite things to do is to travel and, for that reason, they have set out to visit 20 countries before they turn 30. She also has 3 pets: 2 cats that she brought from Brazil and 1 dog that she adopted in Spain.

We are very happy that you have joined the team, welcome!

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