Hello Internet, my name is Manuel Lorenzo and I am here to tell you about my experience in Bounsel. I am a lawyer who is finishing my Master of specialization in ICT, Social Networks and Intellectual Property Law at ESADE, Barcelona. During the last few months I have had the pleasure of doing my external academic internship with Bounsel and I have been able to see firsthand the great potential of this legaltech company.

How it all began

The first time I heard about Bounsel was about a year ago, in the middle of the pandemic, at the Fundación Mutualidad Abogacía webinar entitled “Disruptive Innovation in Legaltech” where Pilar explained the benefits of new legaltech tools in law firms and how their intelligent contract management platform worked. It seemed to me to be a very promising initiative and I remember that I had begun to do some research on the subject.

A few months later, around February 2021, I was searching the job market for an internship to combine with my master’s degree when I came across the IP Trainee offer at Bounsel. I applied immediately and after interviewing with Pilar and explaining the tasks I was going to perform, I decided to embark on this new challenge.

As a lawyer, I think it was a great decision to train with Bounsel in this area, since technological tools are already part of the profession. Now, in addition to using a legal database you can, for example, automate contracts with Bounsel to make the performance of daily activities more efficient.

My experience

These practices have been a great challenge for several reasons. I consider myself a professional more accustomed to law firms, I had to modify my way of acting and focus more on what Bounsel’s strategic objectives were in order to perform the tasks correctly. In addition, I not only performed legal work, I also worked in the marketing area and I was able to improve in aspects such as the approach to the client from more informal communications.

Another aspect to highlight is my experience with teleworking. As you may know, Bounsel is located in Valencia and I am currently in Barcelona, so all my interactions were telematic. I was able to work with different tools such as Slack and Trello, as well as interact with the Bounsel platform. In the end, I’ve been getting to know my team through calls, messages and the occasional emoji. Someday I hope to visit you at the office and talk about all the new Bounsel developments and features you’re going to love!

At the same time, being able to practice the knowledge acquired in my master’s degree on Law applied to New Technologies (e-commerce, electronic signature, data protection) and Intellectual Property has helped me to consolidate concepts and better understand the needs of this type of companies.

Finally, I would like to thank Pilar Prados and Marcos Sanz for the opportunity to work with them and to be able to contribute my grain of sand to their company, and to all my colleagues for their patience, attention and dedication at work, you are a fantastic team!

Manuel Lorenzo

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