After 5 months of total commitment to my Full Stack Development internship, who would have thought that on the first day I would be able to learn from all these programs?
Vue3, GraphQL, hexagonal back-end architecture, microservices, Kafka, NestJS, Prisma, PostgreSQL, Docker, MongoDB, configuration of a physical Linux-based server, application pentesting and much more!! Probably one of the best work experiences I could have had.

I can proudly share that I have learnt the best practices of scalable clean source software from the best possible mentor, a special salute to Marcos Sanz for making everyday work easier and less buggy.

Also, a special mention to Pilar Prados for sharing her valuable insights on how to properly manage the commercial roadmap with really valuable meetings with the team, it really helped to understand the overall process and I learnt many lessons from this.

Last but not least, thanks to all the people I met along the trip and had the pleasure to work with and learn from, this team has been top notch from day 1!

It was a pleasure Bounsel!

Vicent Sornosa

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