Hello everyone, my name is Marcos San Miguel and I am going to tell you about my experience in Bounsel. I am a 3rd year law student currently living in Madrid, Spain. Throughout these months I have been able to learn how Bounsel works from Pilar Prados and Marcos Sanz, thanks to the curricular internship in teleworking mode that I have been able to enjoy with them. This is where I write it all down for you!

How I heard about the initiative

I am currently a student at the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB) and, as I have already written to you, I am studying for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees there. It was with them that I met Pilar Prados and the initiative at a kind of professional orientation conference. I defined Bounsel as an all-in-one platform, “.all in one place”, where with natural language and natural processing software and SaaS technology (Software as a Service) allows users to create one place to concentrate all processes in relation to contracts and all types of legal documents. A service provided for both companies and individuals where you can create, draft, negotiate and sign contracts collaboratively and from anywhere in the world with one main purpose: to make contracts smarter and more human.

Pilar’s presentation lasted about 10-15 minutes, but I managed to understand the potential of this business idea, and I decided to contact them to see if I could do my internship there. I have always thought that the legal world has to adapt, that it has to evolve, and that is why I particularly love legal tech initiatives, Bounsel being, in my opinion, one of the most powerful ones currently on the market. My motto is either you adapt to the changes, or the changes in the future will make you adapt, whether you want to or not. Competitive advantage is in the pioneers, in the people who see the opportunity in the market and decide to fight for it. I firmly believe that Bounsel is one such project.

What I have learned and skills I have developed

At my first meeting I was warned that I would be doing everything from legal to financial, marketing to product, and that my actions would be fully reflected in the visible results. And so it has been. That’s something I really praise about doing an internship in a startup: the transversality of the tasks.

That is why I can say that I have learned quite a lot during my internship here, both technical skills and other important skills. In particular, I have developed all kinds of organisational skills, responsibility and commitment, stress management and problem-solving skills. I have been confronted with a variety of questions in many areas and I have had to try to resolve them little by little. This has brought me closer to the world of work. And to help me develop skills in a real working environment, which is the main purpose of the internship. In addition, I really liked the working method we have been following (method by objectives or goals) and the flexibility and understanding of the timetable. Finally, I would like to highlight the great human factor that Bounsel has, as I have been able to do my internship with different people in the company and my experience could not have been better.

How I see myself in the future

The truth is that since I was very young I have not been clear about what I was going to do in the future, as I consider myself a very curious person, with a constant desire to learn and it is difficult for me to decide on something in particular. However, it is clear to me that I want to dedicate myself to something that fulfils me and that I am passionate about, whether it be in the legal, financial or any other field, and that helps me to make the most of my day-to-day life. One of my options is the legal sector and in particular the legal tech because of the opportunities I believe it can provide and because I have always been impressed by how technology and in particular artificial intelligence can improve the personal and professional lives of all human beings. And who knows, maybe one day my future will take me back to Bounsel!

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