Galo Gonzalvo, Data Scientist at Bounselwon along with 2 other participants (Jose Manuel Picón and Vicente Moreno) the award for the best project in an event of the National Association of Big Data and Analytics (ANBAN).

After several outreach seminars and several hands-on product development sessions at Jeff’s offices, Galo’s group presented their project: an Artificial Intelligence-based system based on Artificial Intelligence capable of extracting tables and figures from PDF documents.

As for the other groups, a wide range of initiatives were presented, from an algorithm to predict the glucose curve in people with diabetes to a translator from sign language to Spanish text and a predictor of the timing of the menstrual cycle.

In the end, although all the proposals were very interesting, ANBAN decided to award the prize for the best project to Galo’s group for being the most developed and having a ready-to-use application.

Congratulations to Galo and his colleagues for the project!