On April 7, the presentation of the first study of female digital entrepreneurship took place: “Female digital entrepreneurship in Spain: Situation and prospects. Women, technology and digital society”, in which our CEO, Pilar Prados, participated.

This event, held at the Royal Academy of Engineering, was hosted by Teresa María Alarcos Tamayo, president of #WStartupC, ONTSI, Red.es and the Women’s Institute. The event was attended by leading figures in the sector, such as Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for Spain as an Entrepreneurial Nation, and Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, among others.

The study analysed issues such as the digital gender gap and the reality of women in the field of technology and investment. In addition, the need to promote initiatives to facilitate access to initial credit, to create public and private seed capital funds and crowdfunding tools, as well as to strengthen the role of Business Angels was also discussed. The importance of creating specific entrepreneurship training programmes aimed at women, of publicising initiatives promoted by women’s leadership and of showcasing women entrepreneurs was also discussed.

W Startup Community (WSC) is an independent non-profit organisation and its main objective is to train the next generation of women entrepreneurs in the field of technology. WSC is very clear that its mission is to achieve equal opportunity policies. Red.es is dedicated to the creation of programmes for the promotion of the digital economy, entrepreneurship and training for young people and professionals, as well as support for SMEs through the promotion of efficient and intensive use of ICTs. ONTSI is the National Observatory of Technology and Society, whose objective is to generate knowledge of value for public policies and for business and citizen intervention in technological development and its different impacts on the different spheres of society. And, the Women’s Institute is an autonomous body that works with the purpose of promoting and fostering equality between the sexes, as well as promoting active employment policies for women and developing the cross-cutting application of the principle of equal treatment.

Now more than ever it is necessary to put on the table issues related to the gender gap and the role and recognition of women in the world of work, especially in the field of technology, and that is precisely what W Startup C promotes.

The Bounsel team is fully aware of these problems. That is why we never miss the opportunity to participate in such events and collaborate in actions to raise awareness of the current problems of gender inequality that affect us all.

If you were unable to attend the presentation, you can watch it here:


If you want to read the conclusions of the study, you can read them here:

Smaller, more solvent and less indebted, these are the startups founded by women

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