Plaza magazine has quoted our CEO and partner highlighting Bounsel’s project as a global benchmark.

The Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem enjoys third place in the rankings national. In recent years, many companies have managed to gain the recognition they deserve within the business community. We are very grateful to be able to be one of them, hand in hand with personalities such as Iker Marcaide, Iñaki Berenguer and Pep Gómez. It is very exciting to see how local companies achieve the global impact we deserve, let’s hope that Valencia continues to have this business boom for a long time to come.

We are proud to be in this ranking with our Bounsel project, and to use national resources to carry it out. At Bounsel we use artificial intelligence 100% in-house and 100% Spanish, which adds extra value to the project. One of our goals is to make contracts more connected, more humane and easier to understand for all kinds of people in order to achieve “social justice”. We are delighted to be a project of national interest!

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