As you have seen, we love working with young, energetic and eager to learn people. Bounsel is often joined by interns to experience their first steps into the working world and help each other grow.

On this occasion we have Shea Sanford, a student who has come from California to spend the summer with us and work hand in hand with the Marketing and Sales department.

She is 21 years old and is a senior majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Sales at California Polytechnic State University Pomona. Therefore, he collaborates with our team in the content creation and prospecting phase of the sales process.

In addition to combining her work at Bounsel with classes to learn Spanish, Shea is a very sociable and lively person, so when she finishes her day at the office she doesn’t stop for a minute. He goes from one place to another, from the gym to the beach to play volleyball or just unwind listening to music with his friends. But he also enjoys quieter plans, such as cooking at home and walking around the city to learn more about Valencian culture.

Finally, Shea tells us that these months in Spain and at Bounsel have been very useful for him on a professional level: “this experience has helped me to understand marketing from the inside, how it is implemented in a startup and how important it is”.

We are glad that it is being a positive experience for her and we hope she comes back home as in love with the Terreta as we are!