In the digital era, contract management has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the incorporation of technologies that guarantee authenticity, security and efficiency in the processes. One of the most outstanding advances in this field is the possibility of signing documents with a digital certificate, a method that has revolutionized the way in which organizations manage their legal agreements.

What is a digital certificate?

Before delving into the benefits of signing documents with a digital certificate, it is essential to understand what a digital certificate is. In simple terms, it is an electronic file that links identity data with a cryptographic key. This certificate is issued by a trusted entity known as a Certification Authority (CA), and its main purpose is to verify the identity of the holder and ensure the integrity of the transmitted data.

How does the digital signature with certificate work?

The digital signature with certificate is a process that guarantees the authenticity of the signer and the integrity of the document. The basic procedure is explained here:

Creation of the certificate

The person or entity interested in signing documents digitally must request a digital certificate from a recognized CA. This entity will perform a validation process of the applicant’s identity before issuing the certificate.

Document signature

Once the digital certificate is in possession, the user can use it to sign documents electronically. The contract management software with digital certificate will use a private key associated to the certificate to apply the digital signature to the document.


When a document signed with a digital certificate is shared with another party, the other party can verify the authenticity of the signature by using the public key associated with the certificate. If the signature is validated correctly and the document has not been altered since it was signed, integrity is guaranteed.

Benefits of signing with a digital certificate

Security and confidentiality

The digital signature with certificate provides a high level of security. The private key used to sign is exclusive to the certificate holder and is not shared with anyone else. In addition, the cryptography used ensures that the content of the document remains confidential between the parties involved.

Document integrity

The digital signature guarantees that the document has not been altered since it was signed. Any modification in the text or content would invalidate the digital signature, which provides a solid protection against possible manipulations.


The digital signature with certificate unequivocally binds the signer to the document. This means that the signatory cannot deny his or her participation in the process, providing greater legal security in the event of future disputes.

Saving time and resources

Traditional paper-based contract management can be time-consuming and costly. By adopting digital signatures with certificates, signing times are drastically reduced and the costs associated with handling physical documents are eliminated.

Ease of auditing

The digital signature leaves an electronic trail that facilitates the tracking and auditing of signed documents. It is possible to verify when the signature was made, who made it and if there has been any attempt to modify the document.

Final considerations

Signing documents with a digital certificate is a fundamental component in the digital transformation of contract management. The technology has proven to be secure, efficient and legally valid in numerous countries that have adopted specific legislation on electronic signatures. The adoption of this practice can significantly improve business processes, reduce costs, minimize risks and streamline decision making in any organization.

However, it is crucial to ensure the choice of a reliable Certification Authority and to comply with the relevant legal requirements in each jurisdiction. It is also important that the contract management software used offers the ability to work with digital certificates and guarantees the privacy and security of the documents and data involved in the process.

In conclusion, the digital signature with certificate is a powerful tool that drives modernization and efficiency in contract management. Its adoption can be a key step in optimizing workflows and improving the experience for both companies and their customers and business partners.

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