Check out in 40 seconds in our CEO, Pilar Prados, own words the problem that she faced while drafting and negotiating contracts that led to start up Bounsel.

“I used to be a super stressed M&A lawyer. I used to work in São Paulo, Brazil. I remember waking up every morning with more than 100 emails to read. Some of them weren’t really even addressed to me but I was in the loop and had to read them anyways or I could end it up losing comments to the contracts. I was always cleaning my inbox!

I used to draft documents with Microsoft Word, which was a pretty static and not collaborative tool. This outdated way of managing contracts wasn’t productive. I used to spend a lot of time doing paperwork. The whole contract management process was really painful! This is why we founded Bounsel to offer companies better collaboration and boost productivity in a digital world.”

Modern businesses need collaborative tools to manage contracts in remote work. The old-fashioned combo Microsoft Word and Email is not productive anymore! A digital world needs new and fresh solutions.

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