We didn’t believe that online work would be a reality until we experienced it. Covid-19 has made us rethink the traditional way of working and adapt unexpectedly to remote working.

Telework has emerged as an indispensable means of maintaining employment and securing economic activity. In fact, according to an estimate by CaixaBank, 32.6% of all employees in Spain could potentially carry out their work completely remotely. However, in 2019, only 8.3% of employees in our country worked from home; a very low percentage if we consider countries with leading telework economies, such as Luxembourg, which has a rate of 33.1%, or the Netherlands, where 37.1% of the employed telework.

But has it been easy to adapt to this change? For many, it has been a drastic change from the hectic life they had been leading and finding themselves unannounced anchored to working from home. But, fortunately or unfortunately, it is a reality that we have to face and that thanks to the emerging digital tools will not be such a distressing process. That’s why we want to give you these little tips on how to deal with teleworking so that you don’t go crazy trying:




Reserve an area of your home exclusively for work

It seems obvious, but it is essential to create an environment in which you feel at ease and relaxed, as you will be there for many hours. Of course, we don’t need to talk about getting rid of that mediocre chair that you had forgotten in a corner somewhere and getting one that you can really sit in for long hours without feeling so much discomfort. Adding a plant or a candle could also help to create a more pleasant environment. Try to feel comfortable and calm in the space where you work.

Don’t stay in your pyjamas!

Even if your body tells you to stay in your pyjamas, a basic but very effective tip is to change your clothes and dress as if you were going to work in person. Tackling the activity as if it were your regular work routine is very important to avoid comfort and despair. Eating breakfast, showering or changing will undoubtedly make you more willing to work.

Set yourself a routine

Having a routine with goals that you can achieve is essential. Although we sometimes think that having a routine is boring and not at all beneficial, the truth is that several studies have shown that in the long term it brings many benefits. Routine allows us, both in our personal lives and at work, to optimise our time, to organise ourselves in order to be able to do all the tasks we have pending and to have a sense of control and security in our lives.

Separating leisure time from work obligations

Plan your day so that in your free time you can get out of the house and leave your work area to clear your mind. Remote working can be a double-edged sword, you have the convenience of not having to commute to work, but this can lead to increased stress as you are in the same place 24 hours a day, mixing work and personal life. It is important to differentiate between the two facets, changing space and activities.




Create links with your colleagues

One of the scariest things about telecommuting is not being able to socialise as you did before. It may seem insignificant, but going out for a mid-morning coffee or simply sharing a smile with a co-worker makes for a more enjoyable day. The need for social interaction increases when we have to telework because of the time spent working in isolation. For this reason, you should try to establish good connections with your colleagues outside work and maintain relationships and communication even when working remotely, so that in your remote routine you also have personal contact.

Although it has been a bit of a stressful situation for everyone, we at Bounsel are working to make this change easier. Just as our team uses digital tools to maintain fluid communication between the company’s employees, we offer you our software so that you can manage all your documentation anywhere and at any time, as well as being able to work and communicate in real time with your colleagues, even from a distance. Without any doubt, with all this you will be able to face teleworking with a better mood and greater predisposition.

What do you think of all these tips? Has teleworking affected your mood, or have you been able to make changes in your routine and stay active?

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