In the entrepreneurial field in Spain, women represent 20% of entrepreneurs, according to South Summit’s ‘Entrepreneurship Map’. Despite the persistent gender gap, there is a growing number of women entrepreneurs contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Coinciding with International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, ten projects led by women in various sectors such as technology, e-commerce, education, health and more are highlighted. Some examples include Claudia de la Riva, CEO at ApoloKids, an inclusive learning platform; Isabel García, Co-founder & CEO at Bleta, dedicated to designing technology for seniors; Claudia Pierre, Co-founder & CEO at Meeting Lawyers, a startup that seeks to democratize access to law; and Pilar Prados, CEO & Co-founder at Bounsel, a document and contract management and automation platform in the cloud.

These projects exemplify the diversity of women entrepreneurs who are setting trends in the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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